After one or several sesshins at the Falaise Verte Centre, anyone can come for a personal retreat to practise zazen and samu everyday.

Sesshins, with the momentum and intense concentration they generate, are the best time to discover the Centre, its life and atmosphere. Retreats are therefore open to everyone who has already come to at least one sesshin (or kyudo seminar) at the Centre.

Your daily Schedule will be :


Chant sutras to start the day well, with everyone else to direct all our endeavours in the same direction.


Sitting zen. Your main tool for spiritual work.


Samu (manual labour) is very important too because it gives you the rare opportunity to apply the maxim ‘Live in the present moment, here and now.’

Samu encompasses the Sanskrit notion of seva, which means to perform a ‘disinterested service’, to give something coming from oneself.

Practising samu is contributing, with your own time, to the life and development of the place where practice would not be possible otherwise.


Vegetarian meals taken silently, just as for zazen.


Night (or moonlight) outdoor zazen at the end of the day.