Sesshins — periods of intensive practice — offer the opportunity to practise Zen and Zazen all year round.

 2017 Sesshins

  • Long Winter Sesshin : Saturday 11 – Friday 17 February
  • April Sesshin: Friday 14 – Monday 17 April
  • June Sesshin : Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 June
  • Long Summer Sesshin : Saturday 22 – Friday 28 July
  • Rohatsu : Saturday 18 – Saturday 25 November


Arrival: 4-7 pm on the first day.

Departure: approx 1 pm on the last day, after lunch and cleaning.


Sesshin Daily Schedule :

Chanting Sutras:
The day starts with chanting sutras.
Zazen :
Sitting Zen. Sitting and breathing. Interviews with Master Jyoji.
Kin-hin :
Zen walk. Also gives the opportunity to stretch one’s legs.
Meal :
Vegetarian meals eaten in silence.
Samu :
Zen work. Activity-based zen practice.
Hitsuzendo :
The Way of the Zen Brush. Being at one with brush, breathing, and movement.
Yaza :
Night sitting. Last zazen of the day under the moonlight.

Contribution to costs for the sesshin 2017

Long sesshin    Deposit: 90     Balance: 222    Total: 312 €

Medium sesshin    Deposit: 45     Balance: 163    Total: 208€

Short sesshin     Deposit: 45     Balance: 111      Total: 156 €

Rohatsu Sesshin    No deposit                 Total: 380 €

Registration is effective once your deposit payment has been received. In case of cancellation at least one week before the first day of the sesshin, the deposit will be kept as deposit for a later sesshin, for a maximum of one year, after which it will be non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of last-minute cancellation, the full deposit will be kept without compensation.
Payments by bank transfers should be followed up with an email providing the following information: name of the bank, sesshin name and amount paid.
Registration for Rohatsu requires the approval of Master Jyoji and is effective once the full payment has been received (380 €).


Balances are due in full on arrival at Falaise Verte, after which they are non-refundable, even if the participant leaves the sesshin early. Payments for part of the sesshin are not accepted.
Under 26s get a 50% discount. In case of financial difficulty, it is possible to apply for this discount by supplying the relevant information directly by post to Taïkan Jyoji.

Annual membership
It is necessary to be a member of the Centre to take part in its activities. The membership fee is due on arrival (75€ for ordinary membership or 110€ for Falaise Verte Friends).
For newcomers: it is possible to pay half the membership when attending a first sesshin, then the other half when attending a second sesshin within the same calendar year.

Bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, pillowcase, towel and torch.
Sheets and pillowcases are available for rental for a 10 € fee for the duration of your stay.