Eyrieux Fin Hiver 2015 Guy Feche (480x640)The Falaise Verte Zen Centre is located in the Eyrieux river Valley, in Ardèche, at the foothills of the Massif Central. Valence and the main Rhône Valley transport links are only 30 minutes away from the Centre.

The Centre stands on a tract of green land by the Eyrieux river and provides visitors with the opportunity to be close to nature, which is fully appropriate for the deep inner work of meditation.
Sesshins, kyudo seminars and daily practice punctuate life at the Centre. (A typical day/daily life at the Center consists of sesshins, kyudo training courses and daily Zen practice.)
Since the Centre is a place dedicated to Zen practice, communal living is maintained by respecting some basic rules in the spirit of Japanese dojos and temples.