‘Everyday mind is the Way’

(Master Nansen Fugan, c. 749~c. 845)

You can choose to stay at the Falaise Verte Centre for one year if you wish to commit yourself full time to the practice of Zen. You’ll learn to perform every action in your life according to the famous Japanese saying that is often taught and calligraphed by Zen masters: ‘Everyday mind is the Way.’

Following Japanese temples and monasteries practice, your daily schedule will include :

  • Chanting sutras
  • Zazen
  • Samu
  • Silent meals
  • Resting time
  • Yaza

As a long-term retreatant, every moment during the day will provide you with the opportunity to deepen your practice.

How to do

Staying one year at the Centre is possible after one or several sesshins.
One have to write a motivation letter and have the Master authorization.
Accommodation and meals are free.
As a guarantee that you will stay really for one year, a money deposit is required at the start, and is given back at the end of the year. In case of abandon, the deposit is kept by the Centre.
At the start of the year, you have to give a proof of insurance.


Please contact the Centre here: CONTACT.