The Falaise Verte Centre is a zen temple affiliated with the Myoshin-ji branch of Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

When it was officially recognised by the Japanese Rinzai zen institution, it was given its full name, Hekigan-zan Shôbô-ji, the True Dharma Temple on the Blue Cliff Mount – a reference to one of the most well-known zen texts, The Blue Cliff Record.


The Falaise Verte Centre’s zendo was consecrated by Master Kohno Taitsû in 2010. It is dedicated to zazen practice in the true spirit of the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition. The Centre is also home to the Dojo of the Direct Spirit, intended for the practice of Kyudo, i.e. traditional Japanese archery, also known as Standing Zen. The dojo was inaugurated in 1988 by a delegation of 60 Japanese kyudokas and senseis. Due to its unique location at the heart of nature, it is an excellent place to practice.