The Falaise Verte Centre is a place dedicated to realizing one’s true nature.

Life at the Centre broadly follows the style prevailing in zen temples and monasteries in Japan.
Zazen, Samu and silent meals punctuate the daily life of residents at the Centre.

The Falaise Verte Centre is a zen temple – i.e. a place where you deepen your own practice. For this reason, some basic rules need to be followed:

  • Smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden on the premises (except in the smoking area that has been created in the car park)
  • To avoid fire hazards, the use of incense, candles, etc. is forbidden in all bedrooms
  • Leave communal areas clean
  • Remain quiet, especially during periods of rest
  • No alcohol
  • Mobiles phones must remain switched off for the duration of the stay (and may only be used in the car park)
  • No Internet access is provided and pets are not allowed


We cook vegetarian and organic food, following guidelines found in the Centre’s cooking book:
“Les saveurs du zen”, by Françoise Dye and Taïkan Jyoji.


  • In bedrooms with 1, 2 or 3 beds.
  • Sheets are not provided but can be rented from the Centre (10 € for a set of two sheets)
  • Bringing a torch often proves useful


  • A dojo including a large room for practice (with a 140 m² floorboard) with gliding glass windows giving onto a dry garden
  • A traditional 180 m² zendo dedicated to the practice of zen

Location and surroundings

Walking along hiking paths straight into nature, around the Centre, provides you with an opportunity to enjoy its surroundings. In summer you can bathe in the Eyrieux River, which is two minutes away from the Centre.

Usesful information


The Centre is unable to provide Internet access to people staying or visiting and mobile phone network coverage is poor. Please plan your visit before you leave home (check the train schedule, inform your family)